I was recently cast in the Ferocious Lotus production of Crane, which will be directed by Mina Morita.  Look for it this Fall at the Noh Space in San Francisco!


I was recently cast in San Francisco Playhouse's upcoming production of In A Word by Lauren Yee.  The production will part of the Sanbox Series and play at the Tides Theatre from April 2nd -25th. 

the San Francisco treat!

I just moved back to the San Francisco, Bay Area!  I'm now represented by Stars.  Also, I was just hired by San Francisco Playhouse to understudy three roles in their production of Aaron Loeb's Ideation.  


I just started adding "testimonials" to the Contact Page.  Check it out.  I had people rate me 1 to 5 stars, like a Yelp review.  "* * * * * (5 Stars) SUPER talented and SUPER nice.  Totally Affordable."

Yes, and...

The graduation performance of the improv 201 class I'm taking will be held on Saturday, June 15th, 2:45pm at the UCB Theater 307 W. 26th St. Join us for a laugh!