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in a word by Lauren Yee

Presented by the San Francisco Playhouse, April 2-25, 2015

"remarkably protean Greg Ayers pop[s] up as everyone from very different, sweet and problematic Tristans to the clueless detective, the quietly forceful principal, and a possibly imagined stranger who claims to have held Tristan captive."                                                         - Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle 

"All three actors give superb performances, especially Greg Ayers who skillfully morphs into the troubled and difficult eight-year-old Tristan and then becomes a cartoonish detective and the principal of the school." - Richard Connema, Talkin' Broadway                 

"Greg Ayers jumps with admirable skill and alacrity from the role of Tristan to each of [his] other characters." - Gilly Lloyd, SF Examiner

"A marvelous Greg Ayers play[s] the son and six other characters"                                          Susan Cohn, San Mateo Daily Journal


"Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of watching Greg's work deepen and mature. He has grown from a terrific comedic character actor into a more mature actor capable of playing rich and emotionally full characters in simple, truthful and heartfelt ways. It is inspiring to see the hard work he puts into his craft, day in and out, and heartening to see that work paying off in such beautiful ways. Plus, he is an absolute joy to have in the room. One would be hard pressed to find a better collaborator to work with."

Jonathan Silverstein 

Artistic Director, Keen Company